domingo, 19 de diciembre de 2010


I am a writer.
I have thirty-three years and live in London.
My father has always been bookseller.Me educators teach everything through the boks. Always told me that in the novels is what makes us grow in life, dreams, desires, the reality of the human soul and most ideal perfectly. I`m five years dedicated to writing soul.Since body and mother's death (I never forget it) I was considering the need to write my first bok.I`m journalist.My profession is the local newspaper columnist in London and I feel the impression of being prepared, full of hope, to make a book, but still hesitated what could be the central theme, or genre ...
What I would love to see my first book in the library of my father. It was the greatest wish of breast when he was very ill, always sure that one day come to savor the sweetness of publishing success, in the store of my father.It was the greatest wish of breast when he was very ill, always sure that one day come to savor the sweetness of publishing success, in the store of my father.I am sure that God will grant the two (a mother from the vastness of the wide sky, where he looked up, I always remember her beautiful smile and dad from the large library).to see his daughter become a successful major artist of the lyrics, I'm on it.
"I have to write my friend.Me get in the Attic" - I said all accelerated dad who was in the shop putting the latest editions of "Boy Wizard"
the most successful literary phenomenon of all time.I had from years ago also contacted a friend English, which for family reasons had to go to Spain with her mother and pareja.Lived in beautiful Barcelona and since we finished the race together, I have never spent a single day of writing. On this occasion I made it essential to write with urgency, putting it to the attention of the news that should have been enough .Do not expect a story like this to her friend's soul, as I called them, or their best wishes for me.The letter I wrote, saying:

Dearest friend:
Your birthday is approaching and this news to inform you today is my payment as a gift for you, because you good news.I hope glad to know that two weeks ago came to the tent of my father a renowned editor of renowned.Se present for there to tell dad about some ads that are encouraged every artist, whether amateur, trained as writers, on participation in a contest of who could get an interesting reward as a prize ...

It was to do a story about free, not exceeding two hundred pages. - Can you imagine what happened to mine? - Yes, dear friend, my story is chosen and to my surprise, the prize is not consisted of a simple and traditional symbolic check amount ...

Maybe you're to read it now and yes, pinch yourself, because in reality here's the kicker, I have chosen to write a biography! - Do you realize what that means to me, my friend ... yes, will indeed be my chance to write my first major book, what puzzles me is that I still do not know to whom it is addressed the biography ...

I can not tell you anything more for now, not for lack of enthusiasm on my part to continue informing you all, but rather by lack of accurate data ..
I know that expected in the next letter, to tell you how it goes with the project, which I can not wait to start. I know I can wait patiently. I know because I know I never forget you.

PS: Best wishes to your partner, which lately I forget to mention, this head of mine ... Best wishes to you both.
I love you.

Dear friends!
How dark light in London, today, Monday, it seems like we're in a tunnel that could never leave.
Thank God, time does not overshadow my joy to share with you news that I have come to Barcelona make me take my recent news about my next book.Me going to London.

Yes, you read right. With all my heart even though my father left here, that nothing in the world would your library, "that never" always says to me very seriously, with the courage with which you faced since mom had ... When Mom and Dad struggling to push through the modest little shop converted over time into an excellent library, the largest in London.
Dear friend, this is what writing is, you have to travel far to make contact with the reality on which documents and other works for ME ... I'M GOING TO NEW YORK ALONG WITH MY EDITOR, which is responsible for all the details for our fantastic trip.
I leave with great sadness from here to dad, but of course I'll take my best memory in the heart. This morning I kissed her on the cheek, wishing that you were as good as ever in the library.

AH! AND DO NOT FORGET THESE WORDS BECAUSE I PROMISE TO GO TO SEE YOU AS I finished my literary adventure, I promise you, TRUST ME.
Hopefully I can go for you so you could come with ME, BUT FOR NOW MY STAY IN NEW YORK IS STRICTLY WHILE LABORAL.TIEMPO, FRIEND.

I have great fear for what is still know to whom I dedicate my written.Es which is very strong  ... I will write a biography .. But who? ...
Do you think what I think?. I love to write about someone you know will always be everything to me.
Infinity would be a dream of mine.
I imagine you !.... WRITING ON WHO ELSE LIKE ME ...
What fantasies!.

Dear Lucy!
I just arrived in New York.
Què largest city!
What wonderful parks!
What a delight to landscape!
I'm speechless at the majesty of the amalgamated edificaciones.Me feel Yorker since stepped on American soil.

Indescribably feel that the landscape belongs to my inner essence. Oh, dearest friend! Lucy, I wish you were me.
I have a small apartment, right in front of Central Park, all for me.
It's great .. I still can not believe it.
I gave him three laps of the living room this morning.

Splendid sunlight is now in the living room, where I write, getting through the windows overlooking the terrace of Central Park, the warmth of the sun New York.
But let me tell you that tonight my editor told me to have dinner with the person about whom I write.
But I keep wondering, Who we all the mystery?
Both secrecy finishes with my patience.
Lord ... this is a dream inside.
You should now be starting to sort a bit of my wardrobe, my clothes and books, I want to be perfect tonight, is a sure chance that I will not regret.
Wishing to tell you more about my stay in the city of skyscrapers, my farewell to you, until next time.
Lucy, pray for me. Calls to heaven that everything goes well ...
Tell you more later.
A big kiss, my dear.

Lucy !.....
I begin to tell you! ...
To explain this .....
I can not believe, but it happened to me, I've lived ...
Now I mean, Lucy, you will not believe ...
Ever remember that you lie?
Oh Lucy, I would love to have seen my face today ...
Do not you wonder why?
I still burn ... I notice it.

I leave them a special warmth from both sides of the face, as if he had stuck my face in an oven or a large fire ...
Remember when I wrote my predictions in London suspicious about who was going to dedicate my first book?.
I'm white ...
At times I can still continue at the table.
Oh Lucy!
What presence!
Blessed smile!
Lucy, sit down, you should read this sitting.
No you will suffer more, but stating that as you read what I write here, I blush to calligraphy.
Today I can shout from the rooftops having dinner together at the very beautifully Charles Spider.
Who would have thought such a visit!
Shame on not having been able to hide the redness of my cheeks with her sassy splendid presence.
It seemed a fairy hadas.El editor confided in me from the beginning that the visitor, the invitation to my new apartment would not let me indifferent.

Do not you saw with your own eyes?
I think that Victor Clancy did not laugh with our conversations, I think he remained friendly with me so nervous to be intimate with my client, with the wonderful, Charles Spider.
Què composure!
What to know to be!
What a nice gentleman!
Do not be surprised when you read that I spend my time flying.
Two hours with Charles beside me I drew a few minutes in my pupils love.
It went so fast all ...

Recognize the truth hurts when you are better, faster over time.
For my part, I had stopped, if TUVISA such power.
So it seemed the evening I had with my client, which although not believe me, I promise you I never imagined that it was precisely on who we had to make my writing ..
My crush for more than fifteen years.
I looked younger for his age today.
Were around forty-five and still maintain the look of a mischievous child, (with those eyes so full of life, their eyes, buff .. if you look at him, you get lost in your eyes) in a man of warm and pleasant candid .
I would not want too long, but I understand that vent to someone.
Anyway, here I go ...
Anyway, my big boy candid, my beautiful Charles, go now immersed in his next production.
What achievements has achieved in such great movies!
I see him as he is always described "a working actor."
How wonderful to see how sweet and close it in person!
Never considered when, seated next to Charles at our dinner, as a successful actor, rather than his physique;
I assure you, dear Lucy.Es so sweet and so right.
What a voice so sweet!
Men in perspective.
A deep voice yes, but polite tone.
My doom!
The case is not made plans that night, leaving it free of ties, dinners with other known, to be with us for the interest aroused in him, who would be responsible to take out the biography.
Lord, trust me your life.
Can you imagine how I feel now, no? ... All my heart trembles.

Exterior beats to my great satisfaction that it has caused me such acontecimiento.Y no wonder, in your case, for sure by now you will feel very proud of my dicha.Creo for today, I left you well informed about my special interview Charles.Còmo night to continue to spread love me, you know well in me speaking about my dear Charles I tired ...
The voice, that voice so special, I wondered if I would try to devote experience which was to become my first book about his life ..
I could not, you understand, to avoid a resounding yes contain too seconds before the end of the question, sièndome impossible not to spend to compensate the happiest of my smiles, that I have ever put on anybody, because you, my dear You know well that there is anything more and better for me than the noble and profound soul of my beloved Charles Spider.

That if I wanted to try the experience! Lord ...!
I never imagined and it was proposed without knowing me .. .. put all their trust, all their secrets to me ...
I feel so important.
Friend of mine, I love you.
You know you needless to say, that I will write as soon posible.Con love, your soul sister leaves with the penalty that I miss it in this adventure.
In my aventrura literature.

Dear Lucy!
Why not here?
I wish I could bring with me. How beautiful sun comes through my floor from the Park Central Park! . It is beautiful this sun blessed! Seems as if the light of its rays, encourages my home a warm presence.
Two days ago, we had lunch together!
I have so many wanted to see him again!
Now I'm starting my work in the background ..
Documented as God commands, to write about my Charles Spider.
Understand why I wrote on this occasion with some delay.

Sometimes I can not help mourn, every reading I do on the unfortunate information private Experiencing my ìdolo.Sinceramente, he has led a personal life too agradable.He cried so much, not yet started with this delicate stage of life. ..
Alas, I'm sorry, Lucy, but I confess to a sad but true reality ...
My client has suffered muchìsimo.Me has excited both the strength of mind So take this loving desire for the contemplation of enjoyment of life, with the little details that always observed, with that look big kid, with those deep eyes, to yearn deeply for each observation, a full day of adventure to discover ...
Look, without going any further, last Tuesday and in the middle of a pleasant stroll around the lush greenery of Central Park, right in front of your favorite coffee shop, which he left for a snack, a black kitten appeared just behind a hedges ...

If you saw with what devotion made me submit ...
Lucy, friend, I tell you this, because being the sweetest of the land, loves animals! Loves everything that is life, happy life què mine, Lucy, when I saw it as stroked that pussy good manners, which perfectly sits on its hind legs, seemed charmed by the caresses of my beloved Chuck, which at first doubted the acercarmelo, if they gave me the bad omen of that color, is not it splendidly candid!
That being so sweet!
He walked me to my apartment, but not before warning me putting a second deck on the table to share dinner together with me again this time alone, at a future date ...
Lucy! ...
Dinner ALONE !....

As I write this letter, I have the impression that the pinch I feel in my stomach since I said it, not go away until you see him again ..
Study as I said, how to deal with his brilliant writing on screens early Canadian youth.
What a lovely smile I say goodbye gift to me. That was a farewell ....????
Because its so splendid smile, looked as if he were returned to the sun, as if coming back to for me to walk around again for New York ...
What a delight for man! ...
I've been lucky, amiga.Porque not going to be nothing difficult ....¡ sensitized with her life AND I DID IT!
For now mine, it belongs.
How sweet surrender! ...
Blessed are the cloud on which float glad !

PS: I will continue to write when you find a hole.
From here, start my book, which naturally I completely trust you to give you first hand, how you going my job, so you know, from the beginning, the respectful and caring treatment that I intend to make this book, my brightest star.
Hope you enjoy, like me to write and here I give it to you without exception.
I want you to be sincere, friendly, and tell me your findings on the work.
I, indeed, I find it absolutely essential that correct me when necessary, that I have in mind, rather than right, what I should and need to fix, as professional as important you are to me, also dedicated to the letters I will be happy to follow your best advice, I hope I speak, write me your most sincere impressions, I go light for my path literary adventurer.
My faithful and beloved, Lucy.
I am working hard, day by day, hour after hour, month after month, with the best of my intentions to give to the world, the noble life difficult but at the same time charming and happy in a very special person.
Of a man who allows me the undressing of his fame, to dress with the delicate essence of a good soul, Just what is it!
Dear friend, I want people to know that I'm so blinded by a man who is impossible not to love.
With love, feeling deep inside yes, your friend Claire, farewell with best wishes that you do as well as me.
See you soon.
Charles Spider (Spidina for friends) is a New York actor forty-five, born on September 15, 1964, under the special sign, VIRGO.
Italian mother's only child, designer dresses, for stars of musical art, he traveled extensively in Europe half, finally found the family stability, to marry a tycoon of artists in France, where a good day at the age of fifteen, his son Charles proposed to go into acting, art has tirelessly carrying
always with the illusion of a big child who seems surprised at every step with everything around him ...
Looking at photographs of Charles thoroughly as a young man, I question inevitably arises of whether this really big kid, has come to grow ... not only because his physique is still the same as when it began to shine splendid and innocent at sixteen, outperforming on American TV, but also for his character and personality, gentle and effusive.
When his followers to give some picture of her young, you say: "You have not changed anything "-...

For me personally, Charles Spider, is a big boy in the whole conception of meaning.
His soft features, you give your handsome face an irresistible heartthrob image, naughty boy face, which mixed with his enigmatic melacòlica attitude and personality, all feminists wake up in a boundless passion, tenderness to his idealized image to delirium .
Say, those experiencing a closer look, be a very nice guy, eternal smile, locks gestures, simple and very polite and transparent.
This Virgo from head to toe, as always assumed, defining absolute perfect pattern achiever of its sign, has lived in hotels for many years, until 2003, he bought a nice house in New York, next to Central Park.
If we talk about his flawless filmmaking, we can not fail to mention the big success; Speed Road or sci-fi spectacular, Message for the Earth ...
Today, Charles, dreams of some day getting involved in the adventure of running, which he called as his first odyssey as a director (you plan to make a martial arts film with one of the best teachers of this art, the renowned Taiwanese : Yumiko Oru.
Lucy, sorry for the delay.
Not thought to feel so involved in the unique company, which makes me delay my correspondence with my best friend.
You know I never let you down and I write siempre.Ya know me who would I be unable to write.
I need you so present in this beautiful place with such a nice and beautiful person (inside and out) which is my dear Charles ...
If you were here with me, If I could bring you here, Lucy, I feel full of happiness.
How long have we not?, By the way, I'll send a picture of me, I want you to see how long I have and the hair, lol I almost reached her waist ..
Begin to take care of my image, I think the chance is worth it, do not you think?
Oh, Lucy, send a photo too, you know I'm very traditional and hate mail go to write ...
I'd rather do it the old fashioned traditional know what I am ...

My friend, I hold in my veins the life of my Charles Spider.
We have been dating a couple of days. Poor! Now as I told you in previous letters have in hand a new production of which by the way, has already told me the title: Memories of Amelia ...
A love story set in the forties about a man who loses his wife in a riding accident.
You only say that when I talk about this project you notice the glazed eyes.
It was Sunday, he promised me ... stop by my apartment (after our last dinner together at my house, which by the way I wanted to make eternal; was so sweet and mellow in the gestures and glances commigo talk about his latest ... papers, books and music are his favorite band `s Door: came to me that day with a worn jeans and a gray sweatshirt the Lakers, who made him look younger than.
We were together in my apartment, watching a family movie with a big bowl of popcorn between them, staring notàndole, with tearful eyes, he said if he wanted to take me out to the spacious terrace from which one could see the wonderful picture of Central Park.
I was looking more calm, and with desire and need to breathe clean air, and a seen and unseen, came softly to my side, resting as I was doing now, elbows on the balcony, beautiful views of the jungle Eden New York ...
Now felt his breath in the depths of my chest as if it had to resonate within my soul, warm voice said, "Sometimes, I think much about it -... and left me just like that ..
I was stunned, looking confused and surprised seeing surfaced once again his deep eyes of honey, which could not resist tears contained more of the burden of pain ... and that may avoid spilling in my presence for fear of worrying. .
"But Charles, - do not leave me this way. "Tell me ... I know ... Who is she? "Many times I just name it and babble when we talk about it, I do not like distrust history, remember I'm here to listen, to tell me you need me saber." I mean, but will not be published in the biography ...-
Lord, "I could not feel more stupid than that day. But saying that, is it not enough that Charles knew me too well to have to make him see the difference between an intimate confession and a biographical note.
Sometimes I felt like my dear Lucy!
between useless and stupid, when, far from reality the only thing I longed for him was that I could give without hesitation, all their secrets ... I had enough confidence in me to open up your heart, I was so far from So, dear Lucy. Wonderful man was that my editor had given me the opportunity to see, but unfortunately at the same time I was unable to get close to her cheek and whisper softly in his ear, "Charles, I love you you, I love your secrets , your sadness inside ... Let me hold you.
But Lord ...!, who dare If, as you transcribe it in this letter, I would have given in to my deepest instincts, to him.
Just chatted outside on the terrace. Began to cool at night when I saw Chuck, gently closing the glass front of us, asking me questions for their previous attitude: - "Charles, you feel good? - Are you better? - If you had seen the tenderness with which he smiled at me eager interest in his welfare.
Unexpectedly, while looking at me as if to speak, pulled me gently in his arms to his body, on his chest, rested her head, lost inside of his sentence ..
Such was the effect it causes in me the warmth of his embrace ...
Wanting to stop time while not knowing if they fail uan shame again (did not want dissatisfied never), I doubted if he would continue hugging me or tell me something instead preferred ...
Forehead rose unsteadily, until I realized that his eyes were directed outside the apartment where they had left just before.
The silence was very awkward, hacìendoseme eternal ... empty, dark ...mietras were still embraced by the glass that led to the terraza.No longer able to contain my desperate nervousness, the notice so affected, so I left so desolate, my dear Charles, I asked through tears: "Charles," what happens? -
"Nothing, I said so sweetly, now posing his big hands on my cheeks burning, fire emanating from your palms ...
You ought to have seen me and I'll perdiste.Temblaba as a poplar leaf, struggling against the strong autumn wind to avoid being swept away by the trembling ... so me, Lucy. Trembling with fear, finding myself alone in my apartment with my hero, was a strange feeling that I was afraid of not knowing how to stop ... was so much I loved him ....
Meanwhile he continued with these silences his, so poetic, backlit in the living room, and was gently rocking me in his arms, trembling with love ..... trembling with love ....
Not knowing what to do, let me take, given their desperate need to find my answer to your eternal embrace, a person with whom he now needed to escape the pain by sharing this warm and affectionate tenderness with which he loved so much, without the know ...

The waist was now in mine, his breath, although slow, unrestrained excitement aroused, feeling in my chest ... his big, warm hands, which were still touching my face ...
Finally, it seems that took my, the forces that did not see him, to confess in a whisper barely perceptible bringing his burning lips to my face ...- Nobody deserves to know my desgracias. "It would be a punishment for humanity .-
Seeing me visibly shaken to such a disclosure, I stared at him with tears that slipped between his long fingers trembled now, while the gentle gesture of his hands, closed my silent lips, kissing chastely on the forehead ..
So that I was.
Lucy ....
So that I was alone ....
That Sunday gray, intermittent rain, gentle breeze was chilly, now in spite of maintaining the glass closed, and looked as if the abandonment of my body, Charles had taken my ardor with him, leaving with the sweetness of which I had owner fact, minutes before ...
I am convinced, Lucy, when I read it, you will understand me that my naive Charles, not enough to know how much I love him, because to know well my feelings for her exquisite person, sure I would have avoided this torment will not let me sleep tonight ...
Sorry Lucy, has been a very intense day and my head wants to explode.
I need a hot bath, I need to feel again, which I doubt, but now I can not miss ...
Not now!

My Charles, my dear Charles, do not deserve it ..
Do not worry about me. For the love that binds me to my best friend, I promise that next time you write, the first thing I have in debt with you will talk about something more pleasant ...
Do not hesitate, friend, they will.
I miss you.
See you soon.
In his personal life we know very little, Charles Spider, is characterized by a discreet man, jealous of their privacy.
While looking back, there are two women who have meant everything in your life ...
One is the famous daughter of theatrical producer David Tailor, Lisa Thompson, with whom he had two years of relationship and the current wife of Henry Wiler, Marisa Bennet, with speculation that wedding planning.

Spider Charles, for his candor and intoxicating sweetness awakens in every woman, wherever he goes, the highest female tenderness unleashed, who from the depths of the heart, made them feel so alive with passion, that it was inevitable for them, not lavish the purest strokes, giving him knowing smiles, hugs faithfully accompanied purer.
And dear, I confess (though you already know), I love to love .... as DESPERATELY.
My obsession can with me, I know.
I do not understand is to conceive of life without feeling in my chest, without regard to the warm edge of the beautiful smile (celestial music), I was born in the soul as if my inner voice and smiles explosive up in my as a flower spreading its petals stretching to penetrating and golden sun ...
YOUR FACE!, What to say to his face? ...

Its beautiful profile of Adonis, is to me the promise of a beautiful soul that exceeds their physical charms.
How often, dear friend will be referred to you and how little tired I retain in my mind, day and night!
How easy to get carried away by a delight like him!
It makes me love him so inevitable, with greater intensity each time, as if for the first time you love ... it's that moment when I'm dancing my heart out to infinity, far away there ...
sensations that are hard to ignore ...
Lord! Does platonic love is not the best of feelings?. I know I'll cross the wild and effusive, but Lucy, I assure you that if invetasen remedies for both delirium, pretend to take medication that is very sweet ... feeling, and for the world would give up so much delight of the soul ...
This is what makes me happier, feel like I could float ..
When you feel close to me physically and in my soul (I can feel like your breathing beats from within my body) ... I feel light ...
And now I wonder: is there someone here, between us, able to arouse in me such longing, such tenderness that desperately need back, loving and with such intensity and devotion? ...
I have it clear, Lucy, I never saw it more clearly ...
If my platonic love will be eternal, I prefer a dignified death.
There will be two weeks, when returning to do some shopping, ordering a gift for my father for his upcoming birthday (how much she missed him even talk to him on the phone every two weeks), it took an unexpected surprise upon arriving at the my apartment door (to open the bolt, I did not need to turn the key twice, as I recall, was what I did before I left ...)
My heart wanted to go.
Without explaining the reason, I sensed who would walk home (although, at least until that day, unaware that my editor and Charles, they had a key to enter).

I got nervous, walking awkwardly with the buying up, across the aisle, looking at the brazen intruder without notice, I altered the reason at the moment.
When you reach the living room, I found him ...
It was Charles, who appeared before my astonished eyes, lying face up on the white sofa, deep in the deepest of dreams.
He wore jeans worn by Dolce and Gabanna, whose initials appear on his belt and a green T peak, which, oblivious to my arrival, I do not hear me.
Did not even know what to do, imagine what I felt ...
Trembled with floor to my feet and I was so embarrassed, annoyed me (long wait ahead of you, like go to another of the rooms in the house with him there ... I do not want to wake up, but I had trouble ignoring porfundamente asleep in the living room ...

I wondered now, (while wondering if he made it dropped the bags of what he had in the kitchen) would be the reason for its unusual appearance.
Trying to sort my confusion and nervousness, I thought tea.
It did not take ten minutes to sit down to drink my tea with lemon, when suddenly I began to hear (how savvy the sleeper). I could hear him now, sitting in the sofa, resting his worn boots, denoting a spirit of adventure traveler) on the marble floor, and as rising quickly for me, calling me, (perhaps because it began to appear in the kitchen), while coming to meet me .- Claire! - Are you there? ...
I, again with the heart a thousand, not knowing what he did there, why he had come to my apartment ... that keys ...
stop quickly on the saucer, cup of tea that I was taking, answering aloud now, - Yes, hello, Charles .- I got going on, trying to smooth out the best tone of voice that could get out in a state of nerves just let me react, so embarrassing moment :- Do you know how you come to my apartment? - Asked in a friendly tone but full of tension ... with bated breath, that Charles would not listen.

I needed air.
Now felt my cheeks burning as two volcanoes, white-hot, as Charles, who brought her hair disheveled, giving them a wild look sexy, coming toward me, still sleepy, taking me by the shoulders and making me sit on the side table in the kitchen, to talk to me - I'm sorry I entered and, without telling you!, though it's not .... ...
Followed the accounting for and forgiving his attack at home as well, so unexpectedly, turning now to describe nervously with his right hand and pointing out the kitchen door, which faced the aisle, how he got to sleep ...
"I came to invite to dinner, but I find that I'm late, (pointing to the purchases had brought) there's more! ..- Diciendo." There was something else I need contarte.-Yes, because I do not understand - shrugged, replying to his poetic explanations absorbed (with the way you move your hair at every turn that into his head, answering my questions and I now see as their long jet black hair, brushed his beard, looking back explaining in detail, how it was that they did not find on the floor, decided to wait, thinking it would arrive soon.

Had a tough shooting night, he told me later, and while making time to wait, I fell asleep: - And those keys?, "He insisted.
Rogue smiling and hiding her face with his large hands, exclaimed: - Oh Lord ..!-¡ ...!- Keys angry Hope you do not know (now ovbiando told me with open arms in space since the first day of my arrival, I thought was my own apartment).
The editor, my editor, my future editor, Victor Clancy, it was very secret ...

I was not knowing what to say, "Very nice your apartment, but why hide it from me," I asked .- Do not hide it, simply did not arise ...
Victor and I saw the best you installed near where I now find myself rolling my last producciòn. "I thought it would be easier to meet at my house .- This place is very quiet, I thought, never wrong, that face us together the paparazzi, from hotel to hotel, would be a kaos ... I am a prisoner in my own work. Private free movement, right?.
"Yes indeed, we confirmed comprising .- Well ...- sigh of relief, beginning to feel the air through my lungs .- So you have not eaten lunch?" I have pasta, Fetucchini .- Do you like? - I love them - he assured me with a smile from ear to ear, was tempted to kiss.
So we ate at the apartment building that was a good afternoon, we got to Central Park, with a basket of pastries and coffee, taking with us, my literary work, to go forward on the analysis of his films ...

Sitting next to a tree on which reposabamos back and taking in front of ours, the magnificent view of the lake on which sailed some baskets, with caramelized couples, I was finishing a cream pie, looking so beautiful paradise, when Suddenly, Charles, flew to the head, with the gentle evening breeze, a cloverleaf. - Look! - Did you see that? - I pointed to her hair completely surprised by the coincidence of the event.
With what delight I did my view all effusive gestures and big boy ways, as if knowing life for the first time ... that is so essential feature was what I fell in love with him.
It seemed as if to get together, they multiply so overwhelming embrace my desire, to give affection, shouting one, I LOVE YOU, in a loud voice, regardless of who was ahead. (CLANCY VICTOR KNEW IF MY CRAZY PASSIONS BY CHARLES. ... FOR NOTHING LIKE THE WORLD NOW LEAVE, away from him, Charles, by an error of mine; BY LOCO STARTING INGENIUDAD effusive or MAYBE IF I BREAK MY EDITOR REFER TO MUCH I had for my WORSHIPPED CHARLES SPIDER) ...
I had it in front of me, filling, insatiable young and carefree essence that seemed to flow from inside to his physique, to a man's body in a nervous gesture ...
Through this eternal image of Boy, listen to me enthralled, talking with him, sharing those moments that were just our ...
As I had my sweet passionate Charles Spider!
Have I ever said that when he left, when they went from me, I needed to listen to the wonderful Sarah Mclachlan, with its beautiful melodies could amanizarme its sad absence, where from there was when my head just flew over your image, where nothing was ... where those sweet love songs, they managed to transport me into his person; songs, which seemed to be written especially for him.

It seemed as if my heart only works when the mine was in front.
As if my happiness depended on his presence flattering ... so I ran through the heart, such sweet sorrow ... (how nice and hard while he was infatuated with a man like Charles Spider).
But why not put a foot once and for all on earth?
I only sigh for him, my heart is that I am required to love him desperately.
Charles, with his irresistible personal angel, adorned with wings my feet, leaving the cloud rise above the rest when you like you just go with the sublime delight of the highest love ... and making me lose my head ...
I then closed my eyes, now in my room, my eyes were happy that even now I keep the brightness emanating from its beauty.
The eyes that had been staring at this wonderful autumn afternoon ...
Lucy! That afternoon, in the park, was born within me, if possible, a sentiment.

Perhaps for the simple reason that (as it certainly) the friction makes the cariño.Era what happened to me this afternoon ... now my head again to remember those times (through my blessed sleep), that no one could take from .
As new, in the arms of Morpheus, I showed my delicacy so naive dream, that four-leaf clover, which minutes before the wind blows to his unruly black hair, wild hair.
Did you see that? - Again heard in dreams, feeling like this again at my side.
- Yes!, Is a four-leaf clover, "she made remarks while he held it steady with one of the large palm of your hand open.
- A four-leaf clover! - Ja .- philosophical statements, "he winked at me," Look,
I go to the hair, out of nowhere! - laughing now with the laughter of April, jealous putting the month of November.
- What luck! "I'm glad I .- Make a wish!" He encouraged.
No, "I said hiding his smile. -This is for you. Take it!.
You know, Lucy, has no cure! , Any small gesture was enough to make me, so my first reaction was shame ... I always took out the colors.

- No way! "I refuse to accept it outright," I said .- has fallen on your head! "You ask for a deseo." Fate, sent it to you.
- I just saw! "He pointed to the sky ...
"Yes, we are right, the clover has fallen on my head, but it sure has come only to me. Has fallen to us .-
I could not but yield to so considerate offer.
I eased my nerves and laughter, it was increasingly unleashed, to which Charles decided to follow, being so nice to me those moments of complicity.
"We ask each one wish, then," she insisted gently.
- No, Charles! "I give you my desire, wholeheartedly, accept it as a detail, so it makes me work for you .- What do you say?
"No, Claire, ask a desire both ...
Now I, I gave, without hesitation.
- MY WISH IS THAT YOURS come true! - What's yours? -
Oh, my dear!
If you could have seen how I look now ...
He told me about a lot to me, almost in a whisper, "Mine is to someday find the man who so deserve.
I would not know exactly how to describe in two words, the two feelings I felt at that moment .. between happiness and grief, happiness because Charles, I wanted the best in life, you could tell by his voice, his feelings toward me her angelic presence, who loved me well, but at the same time, Lucy, Oh, dear, how sad I was struck with the soul, he thought, had not yet found the man of my dreams, man of his dreams now.

God help me any day to have courage to say no need to find one, for me above all else, I above all men of this world, because of one, is not it fascinating, dear, Lucy. ..
If I had seen, I could not react with mouth open in surrender before his praises me, knowing that it had not been necessary to tell me that, if I knew that I already chose the ...
Oh Lucy!.
I just need to find the time to explain how much I feel for him, why I endeavor to follow infatuated with this impossible fantasy, which will eventually kill me? ...
At that time, I wanted to hug, before I could even move his arms to his body, when suddenly, turning up with safe passage to the shore of the lake, guests with a gesture of approach drawn in his hand, to Away with him, posing as the most wonderful evening in Central Park.
We walked without speaking, staring at nothing, but as if our silence also our feeling accompany them our feelings.
And take me home, thanking him made a pleasant day ...
So that I was, dear Lucy ...
Spellbound and rapt as I left that evening,
Who Played between the white sheets of my bed
with black hair, with his melodious voice, with his penetrating gaze, he spoke to me, calling me
and what I said ... Lord. What she said! ...
CHARLES I LOVE YOU ... I heard me say in his sleep.
Dreams that now I paid homage in the first dream I had with him since my arrival in New York, and he hoped it was not the last because my state of utter devotion to his person .

"A good actor is not a good liar.
He never lies.
He simply invents the truth, creating a real life person. "
Havei Keitel said: "An actor is always naked on the screen while this dress."
Charles Spider is one of the contemporary male stars, whose presence ensures that people out there in the darkness, looking up.
There is a narcissist, just feel good about yourself.
And the slight languor, encouraged to look at him.

That willingness to be looked at, evokes in men as women an unbridled fascination.
Films are only occasionally works arte.Incluso when they are, need to connect to their tradition of pleasure for the senses, Charles, represents.
The performers, with his kind of sexual charisma, can make you feel plugged in, LIVE TO THAT PLEASURE ...
In the world of cinema, Charles Spider, is a flavor that want to try.
Spider Charles, always says: "Art is trying to find the good in people and make the world a more compassionate place."
And part is the essence of the conception not only of his performance art but also his way of seeing the film for the world, for those who watch and enjoy.
This actor forty-five years old is defined as a man home and passionate reader: Its versatility allows it to adapt to all kinds of genres, from comedy to drama, to futuristic characters, as the saga: Message to the earth, or the abyss of the cave.
Since its inception, its marked features pleasant and sublime beauty, I have raised as a sex symbol in solid gold for his fervent followers.
If you ask all sorts of groups, we hear that among the highlights of your resume filmic, stay with your favorite: Message to the earth or the abyss of the cave.

It is also true that our dear Charles Spider, always strives to avoid being boxed into any specific film, and has demonstrated by participating in such low budget films as: The day I forgot, or so popular independent film in which she played , Tommy, a boy of low social status, which eventually face the world of crime, from which raffled it's best directors, from her excellent artistic display at: MY PRIVATE LAND.
Bernardo Scalla, Jan Francis de Laurentis and Trajan, were directors who soared to fame with which today has half the world.

Always has good words for anyone who admires him so much that there are many millions of fans happy when he says: - "I am very grateful for the success I have tenido.Lo last thing I think when a movie is in the money you earn; I prefer more than anything else, a good team, people who inspire me to create new things, people passionate about the film with which to share the best of experiences in the film world as more valuable when they participate in some projects and now my new production: Memories for Amelia, I feel totally involved, which I define to call, the second stage of my career. It seems a dream that has come where I am, but it is true that I have fought hard to be here. "-

And not to be necessary to say it, we checked in on their musical films, where he mixes all kinds of work, combining the divine perfection, preferably characters highlight where mystical qualities and philosophical and religious movies you many fans want to see recognized in as views of those most admire, it would be important prize, THE CECIL B DE MILLE, delivering this special award in the Oscars, for all a great film career, with special players, like our ever dear: Charles Spider .

"I'm a Virgo handed, haunted by the order and perfection."
"In the Theatre Arts HighSchool teachers were not actors, just repeated a speech useless. When I said, I drove."
"My house is on the road, I love my bike and my band."
"The romance is part of the human essence."
"There are people who do not condone any successful hoax invented to do damage."
"Hollywood hurts you if you let it."
"Normally we just me and my suitcase against the world ..."
"I'm even able to mourn before a sunset in the desert."
"As a child I religiosos.Tengo values involved my own scale of values ...".
(Charles after his previous film, reflects that the relationship with God, is the most important thing you can have the world).
"When I make a movie that makes me happier is that people enjoy what I do."
"Whenever I finish a scene I think I could have done better."
The editor's job is to shape, together with the layout designer, a book, trying to bring you, font, text correction, inventing and creating books that do not exist.
The editor spends much time in bookshops, booksellers ask what customers demand, which is what they do not.
An editor will consider carefully what you need and ask the public.Not all publishers seeking to publish best-sellers, and that was another thing that
Vìctor Clancy, looking at my biography to original Spider.Algo Charles; different ...
He had been two months of documentary record of his life, sharing special moments with my idol and starting to feel ever more strongly the need to have you near, to think, to dream, to love him.
Feelings that arose in my totally unknown to the would be the editor of my novel, my first novel, biography of my special ...
Lord, sometimes I felt it slipping away.
I felt guilty for letting me carry through the most pure feelings, that the wonderful Charles Spider, caused from the depths of my chest ...


New York is a global center for industries such as;
tv, advertising, newspaper and book publishing.
I was glad I had the good fortune to be chosen in this branch of literature, as the future writer of exceptional biografìa.Lo Best of all, the infinity of such varied and genuine bookshops in the city.
In New York, so many, both classic style and contemporary ... The eternal city of skyscrapers has been, on many occasions, the main source of inspiration for literary title so well known and admired by me, like, breakfast with diamonds,: Trummer Capote, Brooklyn Follies, Paul Auster and one of the classics: Manhattan Transfer, in: John Dos Passos.

Today, for example, walking with my contractor literary Vìctor Clancy, one of the most important libraries that according to my editor: "It's one of those stores that you should not overlook, if you come to New York.
The bookshop has Strand Bookstore, found at:
828 Broadway, is divided into three levels, second-hand books at very good price with best-selling books of all time, of which drew special attention, the extensive and careful collection of novels of the Beat Generation writer, Jack Kerouac, born in Massachusetts, whose ideals roamed the Eastern practice of philosophy or the rejection of conventional American values, whose masterpiece is among others, the famous, On the road, (The Way) to: 1957.
Kerouac, as he was a writer defined ¨ ¨ spontaneous prose style which is reflected in the cinematic genre of road movies, or films of road type, Thelma and Louisse, which are directly influenced by this artist of the lyrics, whose writings express a strong desire to be free of social convection of his era, fervently interested in the search for the meaning of life, of existence, no doubt a fascinating writer, eh, Lucy?.

I highly recommend all his poems.
When we left the Strand Bookstore, after several hours of literary ecstasy, to grant us this morning with a good cole of the best American novels, Victor asked me to take me to lunch, as she told me everything he knew about New York, or ¨ BIG APPLE ¨, the Big Apple used as sweet nickname for the city of skyscrapers, jazz musicians, who said: "There are many apples on the tree, but if you take New York, will be taking the Big Apple -.
Do not you told that Victor Clancy also passionate about the music?.
He told me that here, there are many songs that pay tribute to the city, such as the well-known, NEW YORK, NEW YORK, composed by John Kander; on: I LOVE NEW YORK, From Madonna and Positively 4th Street, from: Bob Dylan ...

The famous New Yorker of the 70's and 80's, attracted the interest of two great myths of the music, like John Lennon or Mick Jagger, who dedicated a song to the city, called: Shattered, in his 1978 album: Some Girls.
The center of New York is also the scene of numerous movies famosas.Como second center of film production: USA, after Hollywood, there are few books on tapes based in the city of skyscrapers, from, The Apartment, director : Billy Wilder, a: Wed Side Story, Gangs of New York, Artificial Intelligence, in: Steven Spielberg or Manhattan, the acclaimed Woody Allen.


The next week I'll go for the first time to shoot, ¨ in person ¨, Lucy, how exciting will be for me, I'll see Charles, my dear and much admired Spider Charles, preparing her new movie, Memories of Amelia, I talk about that, right? ...
Makes you not write, because my dear friend Lucy, the writers also read, I'll tell you do not know, we have to read a lot, not only to write, you know your right, now that you walk fully immersed in the Happy Lives thesis, Lord ...!
Sometimes much will I look to heaven to ask you to hire like me, you come to join a great team of people so excited and passionate as I have, the honor of knowing.
It is so important to have people around to inspire you to write. For me, 50% of a good writer, is the one who lets his heart beating at that motivate people to tell stories, feelings, sensations ...

How happy I am! - How many times I have said, Lucy? -
Charles I expected, and has invited him mucho.Me roll ...
For that go to the set of his new production Favors Amelia, to see him in action ... Lord, I know so well!
He knows that I love watching it, observarlo.Pasamos much time together that often, I suspect its direct and piercing gaze towards me with his silence those who speak to me, with that presence that fills all of a harmonious balance all that I notes as well as exposing me, a woman who admires him deeply, to a woman who one day told him: Yes ...
Yes, I write to thee: I want to make my heart beat by and for thee: love her, Yes, I want to look for on you ... love you always and only you.
And believe me, Lucy, who is noticing.
Up to laugh, with that smile of his, sweet and playful, though sometimes I think to provoke awareness, get blush, when writing about his biography, and sitting together next to each other at home, I write thoughts, ideas , data, events of his life on paper ...the observer, bringing at times, changes to my document writing, speaking aloud, thinking with an eye on the roof ... its silences, oh, I melt irresistibly ... His eternal silence, when I, pretending to keep writing for him, I let go of his approach, with the touch of his breath in my ear, bringing his keen eyes of honey in my writing, making me think he reads what I write, per a while close to me, to touch my arm clerk, his right hand gently down his chin, pretending to change of posture awareness of unruly hand until it comes with it grazed my, my hand clerk, who trembles his love ...
His touch, soft touch ... its killing me.

The heat of his great hands ...
Lord ...! . His hands, how soft touch! What large hands warm and soft, to be cherished by those who know do not miss them! ...
Even though I wrote that I blush to think it was blatant, you Siguero the game, and I also leave my hand, writing unemployed, to find the infinite suya.Tentaciòn haunts me when I sit at my side ...
All causes me temptation (the temptation is to say a beautiful default) ... All is porvocaciòn irresistible and I think, as I say, my friend, Lucy, dear, I also often pursued on tiptoe, stalking me down the hall from home, maybe when I'm with my door open, lying on the bed, going over notes or tweaking some data of my work, realizing their comments hidden ...

The other night, I heard him enter my room while I slept ... I think that sometimes wakes me notes, too ...
Or is my obsession crazy to have so many times with me ... I get to see smoke where there is no fire, I feel it in a way so obvious ...
"I told you lately my dreams with him, are more real than my waking?. Do not exaggerate, or sleepwalking or I ignore my last Wednesday, I swear, until I could smell it, I dreamed that Charles I cooked some delicious fettuccine. .. Lucy, Charles, cooked for me!
I sat at the dining room table, sitting comfortably on the sofa white, I thought of with a gestation of about five months, and wearing a light-toned set, he approached me, coming from the kitchen satisfied, approaching me very happy, she confessed: "I hope from now on be the husband who always dreamed .-
I promise you, Lucy, who felt so real ... tested the syrup from his lips. How sweet lips! Extremely soothing to the soul were her kisses! How I loved Lucy! ...

Felt even as his hands, his big, nervous hands, touched my belly, and as I admired how he looked happy ...! Lord ...! Why this dream? ...
It was not only utopian punishment for having it as ardently as the star of my innermost desires ... had to cut it, and had promised to see him as an actor rehearsing to her place of work ...
Now I could not miss the appointment. You know it, Lucy. I break my promises but never need other distractions, and believe me I will by them.

A street in Lexington Avenue, varullo of a film set rather concurrido.Charles left the clothes and hair twirling team face, ready to represent their character, the film's director, Tommy Reynolds, after his camera, ready to give The gun, made payable to: lights, camera, action, the staff of the tape.
I, at the end of the street, mixed, shame to get closer to avoid distracting the team, with a group of curious, puzzled look, like all Lexington Avenue, freezes for 54 making of: Memories of Amelia, whose production run by Charles Spider.

Apparently everything is ready and prepared to start shooting, when suddenly, Tommy, gives the signal, I, I feel an itch to a nervous stomach, when suddenly, after the voice of action, Charles, moves across a sidewalk running until it disappeared around the corner from the left, when unsuspecting, knowing how it happened, Charles does not return ...
To take one out of the corner where Charles I lost my sight, I began to worry, because when the director yells in the distance: - CUT!, - Checking the delay of the principal actor, something began to miss these ...
Lucy, poor Charles, oh, my God, how dangerous are the most unexpected accidents ...

Filming had to stop their shooting and subsequently learned that the mega star, Message for the Earth, had damaged his ankle slipping due to the speed of his career.
The doctor came to mean hora.Dos weeks off to Charles, were and were very annoying, because of the pressure that had to stop filming expected before Christmas, and was already in mid-November ...
I could get close to Charles, after being thoroughly reviewed by his personal physician, with the desire to give encouragement to not fall down, comin 'down by the break of two weeks that her sprain had caused ...

"Do not worry, calm," she said breathlessly, watching him so upset and pissed off by this damn unexpected, as I heard him utter ...-
- That I do not worry!, - Looked at me with hatred.
It was the first day that I looked so ... I was dying, Lucy, I burst into tears, just stupid on my console while the intention, without remorse of any kind, censored my attention, with the aim of encouraging him to cope in a more optimistic his absence from work ...
"Do not worry about me telling me that you know about movies, would you know - I scolded ...

Lucy, you're reading now Charles Spider reproached his faithful writer, his unconditional followers, a selfless woman who refused to live his own life
to be aware only of his own ... Lucy, dearest friend ... if you could see how broken my heart its cruel eyes and words ...
Unwittingly, I got out of inertia, let go ...
"You, cocky character of celluloid, I do not know the business of film, neither you if you want my unconditional surrender your life, your person, leaving my life, my time, my hobbies, my own career at your full disposal, to give me that, "...

"Okay, I finished saying without any feeling now, okay, okay, so as you do not understand anything, I'd better leave, that's what I do, I leave your life, I take your blind eye that sees beyond his artistic interests to begin to reclaim the life that while I'm with you, I am missing-...
And without another word, leaving him speechless, I ran down the street, crying like a girl who loses her mother to the supermarket, longing to find it, and from that moment, looked back ...


"Victor, I know you're at home, I called because I need to see you, I need to talk;
Victor, call me when you get to hear my message is important .-
It was the voice mail message that my book contract, had to send after the episode, which Charles I had ridden on the set of his film ...
Could no longer bear, Lucy could not: my soul mourned the absence but the absence of ... who? ; The ferocious monster, thus rejected me so suddenly, my time spent on your person ...What was what was happening to me?, Lucy, that I could not be happening to me, but my heart, it never failed me, my heart beats for love ... wounded love for sweet, mild sore by the cupid's arrows, so delicate, like a cherub crying now, having been wrong in launching his arrows of love, hurtful darts deep pain ...
As deep as I was inconsolable crying, it hurt me inside my body, you broke my heart into pieces, they slip off emotional wounds, and now, completely bewildered by not believing what had just happened, was not at all sure whether they could heal some day ...


In the pocket of my jeans, began to vibrate rather small, forgotten since her only a minute, so deep in my grief was that Vìctor been calling my mobile me an explanation, so desperate call.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Laura Moon, reproached me with not only the look but also with the heart all that he had confessed, "Claire, you just said you can not bear so much pain, what do you think Charles is going better than you? - OHh, Laura please do not punish me more, I'm not for warnings, now ..-
"I know, but only then, you might be aware of how far your self-centeredness has become a crap, nothing, and the high price paid for continue feeding.
He wore so many reason, Lucy, how right he was, and how well I know my boy showed the soul, my beloved Charles Spider, which each passing day without it, I was breathing so heavy ...

My decision was irrevocable.
"But, Claire, listen, do not take it wrong, but is a fit by Charles; not have been his intention at any time despise, that's for sure. For God's sake, Claire, do not be !...¿ girl are you listening to me? ..
I now only with the mind and soul shattered, sat stiffly in the office of my editor, such as orphans of the deep, sweet feeling for so many years I joined my wonderful Charles Spider, I had no desire to listen, or forces to speak, I weighed heavily the tone output cruel Charles that day with me, still could not believe that Charles I had tried so cold, I do not think so, LUCY
I wanted to continue believing that this is just a passing nightmare.

When my second tear slippery slide down my cheek, right, Victor, knew now, how bad I was psychologically to understand that not having wanted to heed his advice to give Charles a chance he could explain the behavior so dirty with me on the set; Favors Amelia.

"No, Victor, please do not call, I need to escape, distract disconnect. It would be so painful for me now, watch it again, please, I beg you not call, and I find the courage or strength to listen and look at his face ... could not go, Lucy, my tears advised me peace, I recommended, solitude, peace, quiet descsanso and distraction, and that's what I promised Vìctor ..
And so it was like the first week of convalescence Charles, Victor took me to one of the most important museums in New York, to escape, distraeme to open up to other realities, in an open world.
That was my problem, that my blindness sentimental, as hot as hurtful, I had dragged the unconditional desire to make me a fresh injury, which was unaware of the bitter poison ..
But thanks to my literary agent, Victor Clancy, that I would start to change ...

The Guggenheim Museum (located on Fifth Avenue and 89th Street off Central Park), - do you know? - Vìctor guided me, as we neared the entrance.
"I heard about it, but that is the pirmera ovbio time I floor," he winked at my editor;
"And believe me, not the last, I assure you, when we were inside. "You're going to be wide-eyed, I'll tell," was explaining.
The Guggenheim was built by the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, leading exponent of the modernist movement of the twentieth century (between 1956-1959);

An inverted cone and step forms the exterior of a building unconventional museum, whose large exhibit hall, open mouth as an aperitif, a jewelry artist here exposed.
These two blocks, molded around the Guggenheim, including both the collections and various services offered by the museum.
All plants of the same, feature skylight, which brings the building into a steady light in the environment.
As Victor was a frequent visitor to the museum, leisure time, had taken a ticket that gave us the opportunity to meet not only to admire the wonders of the museum pieces, but also enjoy going to the Empire State, and the Museum of Modern Art, for just $ 65 ..
"You're a crack, - told Victor fascinated.

How good was all that he taught me, knew next to nothing of what he saw me cheat, in part because New York had corners, each more beautiful, so well that my editor, he was a guide, exclusively for me.
Since then, Victor could not complain;
Always looking for my welfare in the city of skyscrapers, and fought at every moment in detail, to find me at my ease in the Big Apple;

The thing was not there, well, that little note of pale pink slipped into the pocket of his jacket, with mischievous smile, it keeps looking at me, and with intention to understand that the entrance of the Empire, is reserved for another couple visitors, which of course he should be completely excluded. When we began to study photography exhibitions in black and white people in the field, styling ... landscapes Madrid, the beautiful Retiro Park, backlit portraits of children, small animals of the forest, a forest anywhere in the SPIRIT region dreamy and pleasant, with some authentically pictures of fairy tale. I was speechless, to ask Victor, who was the author of such magnificent photographic work.

He did not even necessary that you will have your mouth to ask, when Victor told me, pointing a finger on each of the principal photography in front of us our, "If you look closely at the bottom of the photo, you can read a loose brushstrokes, the name of its author, - "You see? - I insisted. There it is, the wonderful, the brilliant, the great: Laura Moon.
"I wish that you may know, as sure as I know both very well, you will find many things in common among you, do you think? -
And to me, dear, Lucy was so impressed by its developers I know about this great photographer, I said, - Why not? - How I was going to come a little bit of rest, to know other people other arts, and tying ropes as I was, I assumed that entry to the Empire State, was for me and the sunset, Laura Moon, could not be more fortunate.
Within not much known to the artist during my visit to the Guggenheim, had left me with his mouth open with his great talent.

Lucy, I'm hallucinating. I just got the very same place where Hollywood producer agreed to put King Kong on the Empire State colossus.
I guess, so that you have read already, I was accompanied by the author of the photographic plates to contemplate amazed at the Guggenheim.
Lord - that hair long silky blond, wore the creator of the magnificent photographs in black and white I could see, with Victor Clancy this morning.

Laura Moon, greeting me shaking his long hair flying colors, smooth and bright between the heads of people anxious, were long lines to access the observatory building.
"Hi, Claire, -.. I gave no time to finish," Yes, Laura Moon, is a pleasure. My editor, Clancy Vìctor me a lot about you today.
It's amazing your great photographic work, I had not heard from you, the truth is that I'm very attached to the photographic world, ehnorabuena, this morning I had no words .- I've been very impressed.
"Thank you, squeezing my hand now, safe and secure - What, we got? - I said, whereas with martial tread, invited me to take the elevator before him to leave without us, full of people eager admire all of Manhattan from above.

It was a beautiful day, that view, sir, it was impressive to see how the skyscrapers light radiating from the viewpoint of the Empire, filled with holy light the view of Manhattan, radiant in beauty by
the beautiful reflection that from the glass skyscrapers, dazzling us with its architectural charm.
- Have you been here long? - I asked Laura, as with Kodak, he kept in the effort to take the best shots of the attic ..

- Actually I have just two months I was given the opportunity to write a biography as I'm starting to live like my great literary adventure, "I answered, frankly .- What are you worth it? - She was no look at me, his eyes hidden only in its goal-Ohhh, yeah, of course, yes, this experience has changed my life, of course, you want one dedicated to art if not, would not make sense, does not do you think? - asked timidly behind-I'm suya. Mel-accounts, said Laura, 'aimed at me now his direct words "If you knew ... I have over ten years like crazy, waiting for a moment like this , an opportunity that never seems to arrive but when you arrive, you wonder, why all would stupid reason to fret, if I'm spending what I always dreamed to have? -

Yes, - is sure to throw in the nostalgia of missing the good relationship so far, I joined with Charles ... clear, is that things, not - I told him, with a nostalgic stop for the misunderstanding that almost a week before had been my client and me .... Lucy, you're not believing them, but if you knew how I missed be with Charles, - I would take a joke? -
And if I tell you that by the reaction to my answer, Laura Moon, seemed to know much more about me than I sopechaba, that Victor had told me the photographer, hours before we met ... OHHH!, - tell me the truth, Lucy, tell me you'll believe it when I tell you that Laura, as we move together on the day, revealed that he knew of me for some years to Charles Spider, to the very successful Hollywood star, for which she , now working as a cinematographer in his new production.

"Pure coincidence or quirk of fate? - Lucy, dear, all I could tell on paper, about how I felt permeated from the start with Laura Moon, it would be in vain," Victor, both wearing razòn.Tenìamos common, especially for a person besides, this week of convalescence by esgince of your foot, I was now on tenterhooks, because although I find it shocking, on one hand wanted to see him, but then again, I was even ashamed get him back there, in front of me, not knowing how to act in front of him, after our disagreement that day where all I did now as absurd and exaggerated ... about this, we blame the two, not understanding, what we all busy, incomprehensibly altered, even though she had discussed for everything and nothing at once ...
Had in me these days the weight of guilt, Lucy.
Yes, dear, Lucy, a guilty flee from him, as if it were being obnoxious, when he loved above all things, OHHHH, Lucy, how I sometimes regret saying yes, so lightly, when life does not always say yes, pink is just what I intend at all times ...
I will tell you if you know me more than enough, right?.

I believe that apart from trying a case, a friend of the soul, but look, there was, I said yes, and just ... well, actually started tonight ....
I mean, "Just when we just spend the day at the building of 650,000 square meters, opened in 1931, where every year come to the Empire State some 2,500,000 visitors, Laura Moon, assured me that evening, the views from the top of the Empire State, were of great beauty, which I witnessed during the day, recommend now Laura, with her hand on his chest, that if I lost the beautiful night view, it would not pardon the sky ...

Can you believe it, Lucy, I think that the eternal city of racacielos, I had every seen, and yet when I began to admire its beauty is immense, grandiose and eternally elegant, the city of New York, I always reserved for other more complete picture, understood as part of Victor and Laura, who did not want for anything, before I left the Big Apple, forget analyze in detail, studying full with all five senses at every time of day ...

"So I suggest you come here you Charles and me to watch the Empire at night, Laura yaaa ... jajajaa .... please, things they have, noo? -
And Lucy, I had to confess ...- Things are not right, Laura, I am concerned for his welfare when he had that freak accident on the set of filming, but she rejected me, I turned from him, and told me I did not understand anything ... cinema, business, yo .... I know-...- I'm going through a strange, LAURA: I do not know if I want to see or be as I am now here with you, to Victor and you, in this wonderful city so nice project has left me to my client, in a landscape of film, but Laura ... now things have taken a nasty turn, that no, I am sure that neither Charles nor I would like to continue to suffer, I know you well .- I know that we are not doing well to not speak, we are hurting ourselves that way, avoid, avoid being without knowing how to react but I need to see you, Laura, I need you, and I know no look at this city without her vision of big kid without their ways of being, so authentic, I lack joy, excitement around ...

OHH, sir, if she knew that I interrupted the biography from which we get angry ...
Do not ever tell when you get to see him.
Laura - Can you help me bear this pain ?-...

CHANGE YOUR MINDThat was the method, Lucy, the change of method acting with myself and Charles, before embarrassing situation, they could not stop mourn when we returned to the apartment of Victor as Laura, told me that was enough for today, that was me to dry the heart if he carried, and secondly Victor warned me days before, "When I say we call it, we are, prepare dinner ... lunch ... whatever, one airing free, and we talked about it you're killing for nothing, Claire, you should not ....
"Done, caught in" dry cut off with my sudden attitude despesperada for trying to be everything to return as before
-Victor, I do not go to fight ;-( I put more red as a tomato), but I have a biography helpless, since Charles and I had the collision ... Lord - Charles reproach me asking, in what the hell I'm thinking.
- I can not, Victor, please, I can. Help me!, Now begged them both.

"I begin to find the weight of my responsibility in this great project, in this great literary adventure, which since at first began to live as real as my own life, I can not fail now!; Not forgive me ever, do not want to leave New York as well.
I feel proud someday watch Charles in the eye with that gleam of honey that baffles me, and tell me their own lips, he's been proud of me, to trust my talent, which is reduced to anything if I do not ...-


But you know best, Lucy.
That night at my publisher, Victor, Laura and I, when I was more calm, with a cool head, to think better, thinking it the best option to not fail again, and less with the person you loved most land, Charles decided to propose to a party with friends in the enclave of Soho in New York; height of fashion enclave of sites and places of attraction for: models and characters of the media, where artists of all kinds settle into their velvet cocktail bars.
A party to which he would not want to attend, and which would have the opportunity to recharge forces, which would be his last week off work, to encourage and dexintoxicarlo of as endless hours of boredom at home with little able to do anything.
Armored car would take us to greater peace and relaxation, for the Hollywood star, which was thought would still ailing, confined at home to recover from accidental sprain ...


Vìctor When I awoke the next morning, shaking of an arm from where I was asleep, a sofa bed, art deco style, reminiscent of his former fellow-sufferer, he insisted they listen to me: - You'll be glad when what you say, and to wake up, let's go ... now help me to get up slowly, they try to join proving that around me, there were traces of empty cans of Pepsi, Doritos, and packs of Marlboros on the table in my living ocher contractor literary as a sign of the night we speaking about the case Charles-Claire, the night before ...

- HAS TOLD ME YES, CLAIRE-needs to get away, you see, like you, Claire.
Need a break, a distraction to The coping recharge again before the final stretch of the tape that has so upset ..- what you see, Claire, is very depressed, and you already saw, you saw with your own eyes as a thing to go to the cinema to watch a movie already finished, and how different is a film that told the hours you not to fail even one minute of what you have left to finish a successful new production, you know, Claire , Is the pressure so great that Charles should be happening now? ..-
Only now had the strength to stand up and expel a sigh from the depths of my soul made me understand the words and wise observations of Victor.- Come now while I'm finishing to fix this dump, you'll go shopping with Laura, please very nice, discreet yet elegant, the site which is also going Soho, less is more, the night never sleeps in Manhattan, I going to check today, jejeeee-...
And his latest gesture toward my face was stung a wink that made me realize that indeed, we expect good fun all night ...
To my delight, I was walking hand in hand with my good new friend, Laura Moon, of Manhattan, go shopping, not out of my head that yes, hopeful, which sprang from the lips of my dear Charles, speaking this morning , Victor, via mobile, ...
Lucy, came tonight!, Came to have fun, come to the party that did their best friends, to lift your spirits and recharge your batteries, boost morale, injecting into the, which would be the best nights long time ....


SOHO NEW YORKIt is so named because the surrounding area south of Houston Street, South of Houston Street, east to the Bowery, Canal Street, South and West to the West.
Vìctor recommended a proper attire to attend the first hour of the night is a lounge, a stylish clothes yet informal, which Laura and I just did was to find just that, clothing more suited to night Soho American.

Proud I came with a set of Carolina Herrera, with a cute black sweater, with bright ties that dotted gracefully, adding a touch distinguished but informal, and a balloon skirt, the same color, both are wearing this year, with gilt inscriptions on the designer, on the right side, while Laura, opting for the masculine style, chose a big night for Armani outfit private, also of the same color of my outfit.

We were almost ready.
He waited down in the dark limousine, with Charles and his manager too. That night was fun and that was the main objective ...
As we reached the limousine, parked in front of the apartment of my editor, Laura, winked and said, as soon as he could not listen to our companions, "Have fun all you puedas.Te ago lack .- And opening the back door, the driver greeted us kindly in a very cold night in late November in Manhattan.


It was a private party, though usually, Soho, was the center of competition in the world of celebrity, but the artist who had achieved power Charles Spider, was so high, that this night was noted, more than ever, when lowering unscathed from the limousine, ground floor steadily and proud of his first trip to the city after about seven days convalenciente, breathing the cool night breeze Yorker, who, despite his slight limp, gave an air of gallant interesting and desirable.
Vìctor held out his right arm, so I was easier to start from the rear of the car, and all enter the hot spot was renovated a few months ago, in the chicest lounge Manhattan.


The atmosphere was really good.
The background music (the singer Sophie Ellis Bextor, which sounded the theme, PARTY IN MY HEAD, I left on your feet the feeling of wanting to move to the rhythm), seemed to announce our arrival, when taking a seat in the large armchairs (red velvet, glued to the cream walls, with pictures of various geometric shapes, canvases, full color, yellow, red, green and blue), note the nice feeling that this night would pass on large and sensing (eg, from the other side where Charles was sitting with his manager, he kept watching me with bright eyes) ... first would be here in the lounge, comparitendo our confidences, and later, go to dance , as already agreed, Charles, Victor and Laura, the raucous nightclub: AVALON.


The hours seem to me minutes, I was going really well between people in the music scene, film, television, where all or most were friends of Charles, many years ago, when those who just liked me my teenage years, had heard ... all people super hard worker, passionate about their art, life and faith in a better world based on creativity.
Affinities in common, which was directly reflected in my gorgeous, Charles Spider ... If you had seen, her only a week since I saw him and his hair had grown markedly, and reached her shoulders, but to me, I like that, hate the next manager, which forced him to cut his hair again ;

How I remember when the film My Private Land, brought him back for a haircut, I was lucky this year, Lucy, not only to experience all this amazing experience with my loved Charles, but also, for him now, again , after the altercation, in its filming location, because from what we said and how we semtìamos, after all this, he would not re-experience within me look into his eyes, leaving me like that again ... reenamorarme back to him, so intensely ...

"You're so quiet, Claire," Laura whispered to me .- What are you waiting to attack, to pass you the win? "I had to now support the knee and his right hand on me, and holding with the left one orange cocktail.
"Yes, - you're right. This is a party, besides the buttocks hurt me, hahaha, I told him as low as I could, so I do not hear anyone
- Do you intend to stay seated all night? - Come up, let's take a look, let's gossip. Find out who has come to the party ... For God's sake, Claire, do not you die of curiosity to know who's here? - Said witty with a few drinks he brought to us, the manager of Charles, while the left on the table and took my hand to accompany me to give around the joint.

It was amazing how many people who could be there in a room apparently smaller than I thought, or it seemed to me to see since we arrived ...
Everything was packed with Charles known for having worked with him in a youth film, actors, some life-who admired him deeply, and stay with him, from time to time, to share pleasant moments as this that suddenly, someone grabs my hand without me noticing, and turned to see that this is a famous comedian of the American chain that greets me very warmly, looking boldly up and down, and wondering very high, - "Girl new to Charles?" and putting a hand over her mouth so blatant and following, discussing with the view, I endorse responding: "This time, I like your choice, - NO, NO, NOOO, - I answer the still nervous hand of his manager which strongly held tight, mistake-ha-me blush because I...

"Please, girl, do not talk to you, do you speak here, someone you? -...
"Jimmy, please, leave now, I do not start with your thanks - now replied Charles, who was approaching from the bar, to see how Jimmy, kept intimidate .- Vale, Charles, just trying to make a compliment a pretty girl, and I leave you, handsome, ...
- Are you okay? - I asked my now very close, noting his Armani perfume, perfumed now that our environment.
"Yes, I said to dry the print utopian to imagine that the question I asked myself, had to do with my mood, after our unfortunate misunderstanding last week.
- Fancy a drink? .- No, I ... now I do not want, I just have a cocktail with "... and I already quit .. Arthur, manager of Charles, had subtly away from my view, when he saw Charles.

I had the senaciòn of everyone there, made us complicit in that we were alone, that we started back to resume our relationship between client and writer, who finally was, after all, supposedly, all you would know Disable ALL invited to the party, which joined us in reality ...

He introduced me to quite a few musician friends, who for lack of brothers, Charles were regarded as family, falling particularly well one of his former band, The Dog Star, ha, funny name for a group that the music he composed was a fusion of alternative rock and post-grunge, which formed in the 90's, launched in 1999, two albums and an EP, whose band won the attention of female viewers, especially, by one of more stellar men's group, belonging to the American film world, Charles Spider.
Robbie Maxwell, I fell great from the beginning, Lucy, because everything I saw in reminded me a lot to the character of my beloved Charles.
Good, thought they had been brothers, had not been too bad, I wish I had known, because believe me, I'd adopted this approach ...


Hours later, we were together, the whole club, finding a more intimate space to be.
Him, barely able to walk with me, by the large cadre of friends that even the Avalon, had now moved to dance and unwind a little of the hard life, and almost behind me asked me: - What do you want to do we danced and we hope that this crew of savages something we cleared the runway? - I could not help but smile at such a witty description of the environment now before us, the most popular club around Manhattan ... jeje.-Yeah, okay, good idea -. I sit now, I need to rest your feet, do not know how I manage to make all your friends taking me by the hand go around, without my even notice, not let me sit for a minute, lol, lack of custom, high heels, "was now looking at my feet, justifying Charles, the need to sit ...


Speaking of feet, Charles, and you sprain how are you? - I asked as we sat in a quieter corner of Avalon, to speak, holding the open flap of his black jacket by Armani, under which he wore a white shirt poplin ...
"Better, thanks, I'm almost ready to continue shooting. Anyone is incorporated early, I say to my doctor, who forgives no one.
- Do you mean because you okay?

 Yes, I say this because, if for me, and would be back on set, but would not let me, to wait to recover from todo. "I have wanted to finish my first production head brings me to think that not end up in time for the premiere, it sucks me ..- jiraba now its jet-black hair down, looking diffident his heel, requiring as noted, also, a couple of days to reduce swelling, knowing for certain, that if had depended on him, and he would have joined more than enough to shoot, so was my Charles, our Charles, Charles Spider movie star, the talented, bright and spontaneous big boy, eternal sweet tender hearts that were opened by the world as it passes through the cities where they presented their debut was an authentically Revolution, more than the movie itself, for its genuine presence.

Now we're more relaxed, wanted to talk to you on the day of filming, I ...
- Not Charles, "said I, flushed with excitement to have him near me, bringing that sweet feeling as in intoxicating, the deep love she felt for him ... and quietly putting one of my fingers to her juicy lips That night we tasted alcohol, mixed with the smell of his endless service by his addiction to snuff, I kissed him like a lovers' parting in the middle of train station, tram about to leave ...


Lucy, I had no idea how it would end that night for us, I asguro;
It was something totally unexpected.
I mean you.
That night we need to love, as if to end the world ...
We missed her, and went to her apartment, tired of so much bustle, not to be alone to enjoy, to eat with kisses in a supernatural way, as if our anxiety of love, we would like better than words, to forgive all damage we did to avoid them, for fear of being wrong again .. not daring to be repaired as soon as possible, so much suffering, leaving a week, noting from his bed, as now, those interminable seven days, we eagerly devour so ardently to possess us, with our bodies, moving awkward, but with great passion ... noticing how the love come off the tips of our fingers, we burned the body, making owners of all the love you take me inside stifling, getting carried away towards the river and passionate affection, love and longing that now we swam, leading a sea of intense pleasure ...

Dawned in the room, dark, with a clear sun that was like hanging timidly on the side of the curtain to your right, about nine o'clock, while Charles could feel, I stroked her bare back, I cast about his chest, whispering, - Are you awake, sweetie?.
- Nooo .... I answered half asleep, not wanting to change positions ..
- I have to get up, we must rise, or rather, you see ...
"You have no idea of who can catch mosqueo Vìctor if we are not in his office at ten o'clock .- Do not want to mess up, right? - Still whispering sweetly in my ear, brushing the right lobe with his beard grown soft, you miestras again responded: "Nooo .... hardly hear what he said ...


His alarm clock gave the nastiest of the morning sounds dry, which usually served as the alarm ¨ good morning ¨, alerting you to the start time of ...- And so it was, like, with the greatest reluctance that never experienced I got up directly to the shower, while I was hanging from the neck of cuddly big boy, with looks of tenderness that I begged the need for more passionate kissing ... promising at a time, making me breakfast ...
When I finished getting dressed, my chef appeared in blue pajama pants, Calvin Klein, while very industrious, made room in the dining room table, pushing the center white orchid flower, putting in place a large silver tray with mango juice, my favorite, toast with jam, and a love note, to furtively tucked under the butter dish.
- What is this? - Asked Charles fun kissing on the cheek as she took the note written in his own handwriting:
"Read it, I said, I go to the bathroom, do not be long.
And I was running, imitating with his run for the shower, a funny scene as a late to catch the bus to work ...


The sweet taste of marmalade on toast, with so much care and affection Charles had prepared for me, not replaced in delight to the short notice that my beloved cuddly child, I wrote a white paper with red ink, "I'm noticing the sunrise in my soul, from the first moment I saw you ..-
I could not help looking back, looking back the presence of my beloved Charles, but he was in the shower, when suddenly his cell phone rang ....
Assuming that was Victor, to give a warning for being late for his appointment of ten, said thinking hear your voice, when to my surprise, I spoke with a very concerned tone, Arthur, the manager of my client, I asked for his principal;
-Claire, is Charles out there, please? - Right now is in the shower, will you give him the message?
"Ehhh .... not well, tell him to call me when you leave is urgent please ...

And very concerned about unaware of what it was, especially by breaking again to start the sweet harmony of happiness in which we were, you notice a lump in the throat, the call from his manager: "Charles, called Arthur, wants to talk to an urgent matter ...- you hand over your mobile ...
Him looking at me strange, perhaps like me, not to imagine
his unexpected call, I turned away, smugly nervous, looking down with his jet-black hair hiding her face again ... and worried every second, as Arthur approved the conversation ....
I had hanging in the balance, like a tightrope stagehand who suffers vertigo of instability:
-What is it, Charles, tell me what happens ...
- I do not answer, and after hanging Arthur, seriously approaching my instructs me, "Claire, go to the office of Victor. Tell me it will be impossible to go today ...
- But Charles, we expect .... and left me totally stunned.

Something bad had happened, rather than by his face, I sensed him directly affected .. Maybe your career, but he never showed by labor problems, those eyes that gave off such deep sorrow, which had flooded my soul to go and is now the third time, I felt as if something inside me, strongly attached to Charles, will die with me ....

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